翻訳 英語、日本語、中国語、韓国語、スペイン語、フランス語、ドイツ語、ベトナム語、タイ語、ヘブライ語など

Translation & Proofreading

Offering translation into Japanese from a variety of languages, including English, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Korean, French, German, Vietnamese, and Thai.

English proofreading and DTP services also available at request.

通訳 英語、中国語、韓国語、スペイン語、タイ語、ベトナム語、ミャンマー語など


Based out of Kumamoto, Japan, Adastra offers interpretation services for Japanese paired with English, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghai Mandarin, Taiwanese), Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Thai in and around the Kyushu area (Kumamoto, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, etc.)



Adastra provides consulting and Japanese localization services for a wide variety of end products, including smartphone apps, websites, software, themes, plugins, and more.

メール代行サービス 多言語 (英語、中国語、韓国語など)

Email Answering Services

Bring your product or service to the Japanese market by offering sales and support services in Japanese. Outsource your sales support, customer support, or any other business communications to Adastra and make sure nothing gets lost in translation.

From individuals selling on eBay or Etsy, to companies working with clients in Japan, Adastra provides a wide range of email correspondence services to match your needs.

Contact us for a free quote and find out how Adastra can help your business grow.


Import & Export Consulting

For clients looking to sell in Japan, we offer a wide range of services, including finding buyers, negotiation, customs help, consulting, contract translations, and more.

For clients looking to import products from Japan, we can find suppliers, provide translation services for contracts and correspondence, handle shipping, and help resolve conflicts.

Drop us a line to find out how we can help you expand your business in Japan.


Goal-Oriented Service

Our goal isn’t simply to provide high-quality translations. We put ourselves in our client’s shoes and think about what they need to achieve with the translation.


  • If we’re translating an advertisement, our goal is to make an effective and attention-grabbing advertisement that brings business to the customer.
  • If we’re translating a restaurant menu, our goal is to make each food item sound delicious and provide adequate explanation so customers know what they want and the restaurant does better business.
  • If we’re translating a website, our goal is to factor in SEO strategies and design principles so that the website shows up on search engine rankings and customers take an interest in what our client is selling.


We apply this goal-oriented approach to each of the services we offer to ensure we provide our clients with the maximum benefit possible.

Close Cooperation

The key to quality work is keeping in close contact with our clients.


Most translation companies take a very hands-off approach to translation—they receive a file from a customer, pass it off to a translator with some basic info, then send it back to the customer, all the while keeping communication at a minimum.


At Adastra, we make sure our clients answer the who, what, where, when, why, and how first, then pass this information along to our translators. Our translators use this information and anything else they can find to make sure the translation fits perfectly with its final application. Adastra encourages our translators to ask questions and request clarification so that important points and nuance don’t get lost in translation.