Official Document Translations for a flat fee of just ¥6000 (plus tax).

Our translations are both speedy and accurate. We offer per-document, flat-fee translations of the following documents for just ¥6000 (+tax):

  • Family Registers (戸籍謄本、善美事項証明書など)

  • Resident Cards (住民票)

  • Applications for Registration of Marriage (婚姻届)

  • Birth Certificates (出産証明書)

  • Passports

  • Tax Certificates (納税証明書)

  • Bank/Credit Card Statements (may cost extra depending on length)

  • …and more

Translation Certificates

We also offer free Translation Certificates upon request.

Notarization Services

For documents requiring notarization, we can have your translation notarized for you. Notary publics charge a standard fee of ¥11,500 (tax-free) per notarization (multiple documents can be covered in one notarization), plus ¥7000 that we charge to visit the notary office and have your document notarized. If you need a bank statement and passport translated and notarized, the translations would cost ¥12000 together, plus ¥11500 to the notary public and ¥7000 for us to get your document notarized. Your translated document will be attached to the original Japanese document, along with a notarization certificate signed by both the translator and notary public.

In most situations, a simple Certificate of Translation (which we provide for free) is all that is necessary, but certain visa applications, marriage declarations, banking matters, etc., require notarization, so please confirm what documentation is necessary before placing your order.

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